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Fresh Ideas, Refocused – The Family Food Program (formerly known as Small Flock Growers Program)

In 2010, CFO implemented a program requiring all Family Food Growers (non-commercial and formerly small flock growers)
to register their flocks and follow certain requirements to promote bird health and disease management, while enhancing
education and communication opportunities. Registration of all Family Food Growers is an important aspect of CFO’s
emergency management plan as it allows for rapid identification of small flock (up to 300 birds) locations in addition to
commercial flock locations.

In 2014, just under 15,000 registered Family Food Growers purchased chicks in Ontario, a 3% increase over the previous year.
Numbers of registered flocks has increased year over year from 13,000 since the inception of the program. The average family
food flock size in 2014 was 60 birds.

CFO continues to focus on its digital communication strategy by moving its industry communication and reporting onto digital
platforms including the province’s Family Food Program stakeholders (hatcheries/broker-dealers, growers and processors).

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CFO Commits to Communicating Disease Outbreaks



If you are a Family Food Farmer, please contact your local broker dealer to order chicks.
Otherwise you may contact Chicken Farmers of Ontario at 905 637 0025.

Family Food Program
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